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IBB 3D Tier Ente Premiumschaum
IBB 3D Target duck, premuim foam
Arrows can be drawn very easily from the walking duck by IBB. 3D target by Archery Beier should be at every 3D course.
€79.00 *
IBB 3D Tier Ente abstreichend
IBB 3D Target big Duck ready for fly, premium foam
Thanks to the self-healing foam, arrows can be drawn easily of the IBB target, the duck by Archery Beier. This is an excellent 3D target for 3D course.
€109.00 *
3D Tier LongLife Ente 2
Duck of Longlife
3D Tier LongLife Ente
€36.00 *
3D Tier LongLife Erpel
Drake of Longlife
Drake of Longlife
€36.00 *