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Leitold 3D Target Springbuck
Leitold 3D Target Springbuck
This Springbok is a life-size 3D target from Leitold and thanks to special foam it is extremely durable.
€378.99 *
Leitold 3D Target Alpine Ibex
Leitold 3D Target Alpine Ibex
An authentic 3D animal from Leitold! The life-size alpine ibex is very durable thanks to special foam
€449.00 *
Leitold 3D Tier Steinbock liegend
Leitold 3D Target Bedded Ibex
The Capricorn as a 3D target by Leitold in lying position. Of course with the proven foam and the long durability.
€399.00 *
NF Ibex
Height: 130 cm Length: 100 cm Width: 25 cm
€578.04 *
Leitold 3D Target Ibex
Leitold 3D Target Ibex
The Leitold 3D animal Capricorn from the IFAA Group 2 is manufactured with UV-resistant foam and is therefore characterized by long durability and easy arrow pulling.
€484.00 *
IBB 3D Tier Steinbock, stehend
Franzbogen 3D Target Standing Ibex
This ibex is a beautiful 3D target by Franzbogen.
€406.00 *