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temperamentvoller Langbogen 1
Longbow Black²
A longbow Black² which is suitable for right-handed, as well as for left-handers. A successful combination of the wood used with the black glass of the limbs in this spirited longbow.
€198.00 *
Puristischer Langbogen Bow²
Longbow Bow²
An old-fashioned purist, simply Longbow, that makes Bow² suitable for right and left hand gunners through its two shelves. This bow is particularly suitable for seminars and courses. It is made by us in draw weights of 20 to 40 lbs.
€198.00 *
Longbow Ishi
Longbow Ishi, 68 Inches
Ishi Longbow in a lenght of 68 Inches.
€198.00 *