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Set of 3 Medieval Wooden Arrows 5/16 29 inches long
Set with 3 Medieval wooden Arrows 5/16, 29 Inches
Three wooden arrows with authentically stained shaft and self-cam as well as 3-fold 4-inch natural feathers in a handy set of 3.
€41.07 *
Mittelalterlicher Pfeil mit Brandspitze
Medieval Arrow with Incendiary Point
Medieval, Authentic wooden arrow with nature fletching and fire point as well as self-nock.
€26.58 *
Medieval arrow blade tip
Medieval Arrow with Leaf Point
The authentic medieval wooden arrow, stained, and with natural fletching is of course equipped with a self-nock.
From €20.74 *
Medieval Arrow with Battle Point
Medieval Arrow with Battle Point
The self-nock on this authentic medieval wooden arrow with nature fletching is made by hand.
From €20.74 *
Medieval arrow rope cutter
Medieval Arrow with Birdpoint / Ropecutter
The medieval arrow with the rope snow. Did the delinquents actually shoot it from the gallows, or was it rather used for bird hunting?
From €20.74 *
Medieval arrow - small hunting bodkin
Medieval Arrow with Small Hunting Bodkin
With medieval self-camouflage and nature fletching, this wooden arrow is almost a relic of bygone days.
From €20.74 *
Medieval arrow - Great Bodkin
Medieval Arrow with Big Bodkin
Beautifully wrapped natural flats with a self-camel and a medieval stain on a wooden arrow.
From €20.74 *
Mittelalterlicher Pfeil mit Nadelbodkin
Medieval Arrow with Needle Bodkin
The natural fletching is truly medieval on this wooden arrow with a self-nock.
From €20.74 *
Medieval Arrow for Training
Medieval Arrow for Training
Medieval Arrow for Training 11/32, 30 Inches long
From €17.66 *
Medieval practice arrow 5/16
Medieval Arrow for Training
Autentic medieval exercise arrow with the English longbowman trained.
From €17.66 *
Wooden Arrow ULLR
Wooden Arrow ULLR, 29 Inch
The Medieval Wooden Arrow ULLR, in 29 inch length impresses with its extraordinary spring shape.
From €12.53 *
Wooden Arrow Hektor
Mediaeval Arrow Hektor 29 Inches
A beautiful medieval arrow with nature fletching, self-cam and history point.
From €13.96 *