Ravin Crossbow R500 Electric Compound LLC

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Would you like to unpack the crossbow and hit the target straight away? Then our shooting service is just the thing for you! We zero in the crossbow at 15 or 30 meters according to your wishes. Please note that the crossbow will be shipped fully assembled. The bolts that come with the crossbow are used for zeroing and may therefore show signs of wear.

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Ravin Crossbow R500 Electric Compound LLC Currently not available for delivery due to... more
Product information "Ravin Crossbow R500 Electric Compound LLC"

Ravin Crossbow R500 Electric Compound LLC

Currently not available for delivery due to technical problems with the electrical clamping system.

Get to know your self-defense weapon.

Now with an electric one-button cocking mechanism.

A good rifle can accurately punch holes in 3-inch bull's eye at 100 yards. The high-quality Ravin R500 Electric crossbow can do the same. With the development of Ravin's HeliCoil® technology, arrows now match bullets with deadly accuracy at range.

The HeliCoil technology is a new development and deviates from the typical crossbow design. Not only do the Ravin R500 Electric deliver dead straight nocking, they also feature a Frictionless Flight™ system - for virtually zero rail friction that otherwise robs the arrow of its speed and accuracy. That's why a Ravin crossbow can produce blissful arrow speeds of 500 feet per second!

Right after zeroing in the scope, shooters can consistently achieve 3-inch groups the length of a football field—all with the most compact Ravin R500 Electric crossbow ever created. And all of that comes from a crossbow that measures just 3.6 inches from axis to axis when fully drawn.

The R500 Electric features the new Ravin Electric Drive System, an electronic cocking system that allows users to cock and decock this crossbow with the simple push of a button. The Ravin Electric Drive consists of a 12-volt battery and motor assembly that easily attaches and detaches from the shaft. Both the battery and the motor unit can be easily detached for storage or charging on the charging station.

Here are the technical data of the Ravin R500 Electric:

  • Draw distance: 15 inches
  • Length: 28 inches
  • Width (Stretched/Relaxed): 3.6/7.6 inches
  • Weight: 3810 grams
  • Factory speed: 500 fps
  • Draw weight: 300 lbs
  • Colour: slate grey

Scope of delivery:

- Ravin R500 compound crossbow
- Extension quiver
- 6 bolts
- Scope
- Tension crank
- other mounting accessories
- electric clamping system

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