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Here in the Bogensport Beier store, you are guaranteed to find the bow that suits you. In addition to products from various well-known manufacturers, our own bows have also managed to establish themselves among numerous archers. The name Beier stands for high-quality, handcrafted bows made with fine woods - Made in Germany.


Plain. Simple. Indestructible.

IBB 3D Targets - Quality by Beier

The IBB 3D targets by Beier are manufactured in our in-house foaming plant based in Untersiemau. This high-quality special foam is characterized by its outstanding properties. The material is UV and weather resistant, making it durable and offering increased comfort when shooting arrows. The IBB 3D animals also look deceptively real and are an eye-catcher on any parcours.

Archery with Bogensport Beier

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At Shop you get everything you need for archery. We are primarily dedicated to and specialized in traditional archery. However, we also have many products for technical / Olympic archery. In the future, we will also be adding products for archery with compound bows to our archery portfolio. Many of our archery products come from our own production facilities. We produce longbows, hunting bows and hybrid bows for archery. We also produce simple rattan bows, our strongbows. You can also find arrows, arm guards, quivers and much more here in our store.

Buying a bow for archery

You've come to the right place! Here you will find a large selection of articles for archery. Whether it's a bow or archery accessories such as quivers, arm guards etc. Arrow nets, targets, arrow mats and 3D animals, you'll find everything you need for archery here. You can also pay for your archery hobby in installments. It's important to us that you have fun. Take a look around the range and you are sure to find the right archery equipment for you.

Beier archery private label products

In addition to the archery products under our own brand "BY BEIER GERMANY", we offer you archery accessories from well-known manufacturers such as Gold Tip, Easton, Longlife, Naturfoam, Buck Trail and many more. All products that we include in our range must meet our strict quality criteria: our archery products are characterized by quality, safety and an excellent price-performance ratio. Our bows are manufactured in our own bow making workshop in Untersiemau - we build longbows, recurve bows and custom bows according to the personal wishes of our customers.

Our extensive range of arrows for archery is also impressive: in addition to a range of ready-made arrows, we offer you individual customer arrows that we build exactly to your specifications. We round off our archery range with product developments such as our arrow catching net or the arrow catching mat as well as a wide range of targets or 3D animals. The IBB 3D animals are also made in-house from a special 3D animal foam.

You can find all the information you need about archery in our magazine, the archer's guide.

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Are you interested in archery and want to find out more about the technique, equipment and training? Then you've come to the right place! We offer comprehensive information for beginners and advanced archers to improve your archery skills.

Whether you're just starting out with archery or already have some experience, we have tips and tricks to help you perfect your shooting technique. From the correct stance to aiming and relaxing when shooting - we cover all the important aspects.

Choosing the right equipment is also crucial. We give you an overview of different types of bows and arrows so that you can make the best choice for you. We also inform you about important safety measures for archery so that you always stay protected.

If you are interested in competitions, you will also find information about archery tournaments and how you can prepare for them. We also give you tips on choosing the right target and how you can improve your accuracy.

Whether you enjoy archery as a hobby or want to put your skills to the test in a competition, we will support you on your way to becoming a successful archer. Immerse yourself in the fascinating world of archery and discover your talent!

We hope that our information will help you and wish you every success in archery!