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3D target Naturfoam running red fox
Naturfaom 3D Target running red fox
The most beautiful 3D animal depicting a running fox that existed.
€245.00 *
3D target LongLife lying lynx
3D Target lying Lynx from Longlife
The LongLife 3D Lying Lynx is a compact 3D animal.
€233.00 *
Round Traditional Straw Target Deluxe 80 x 8 cm
Traditional Target of Straw 80 x 8 cm
The traditional straw targets from By Beier Germany. A natural product that convinces!
€35.80 *
Straw target 80 x 12 cm colored
Traditional Target of Straw 80 x 12 cm, with...
A round traditional straw target, untreated and natural, a natural product that convinces.
€67.50 *
2D Ethafoam target Rhinoceros
Ethafoam Target Rhino
The Rhino is the brainchild of the 2D Ethafoam target, representing a life-size woolly rhinoceros.
€959.00 *
IBB 3D Target Badger_2
IBB 3D Target Badger Premium foam
Very nice IBB 3D animal badger from the outstanding premium foam.
€88.00 *
IBB 3D Tier großer Frischling 3
IBB 3D Target big young boar Preium faom
Great IBB 3D Target animal the big pig of premium foam.
€89.00 *
3D Target Raccoon
3D Target Longlife grant Raccoon
The Lifelike 3D Animal by LongLive the 3D Animal Raccoon
€169.00 *
3D Target Raccoon and apple from Longlife
3D Target Longlife Raccoon with apple
The Lifelike 3D Animal by LongLive the 3D Animal Raccoon with apple.
€166.99 *
IBB 3D Tier Nilgans
IBB 3D target Egyptian Goose Premium foam
The IBB 3D Animal Nilgans is an extraordinary 3D animal.
€139.00 *
IBB 3D Tier Kanadagans
3D target Canada Goose IBB Premium foam
IBB 3D animals, like these Canada goose are welcome on the 3D course, Bogensport Beier has a 3D animal from which the arrows are easy to pull, as with all IBB 3D animals from our well-known premium foam.
€139.00 *
IBB 3D-Target Genet Pale, Premium Foam
IBB 3D-Target Genet Pale
€89.00 *
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