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400 Nylon Serving
400 Nylon 1 lbs serving coil
A big 400 nylon 1 lb serving coil to create wrapping for the string.
€49.00 *
Brownell Dacron B50-Coil with 1 lbs
The Dacron yarn for strings by Brownell is just right for your strings and your bow. Without Brownell, we would not be able to shoot the bow.
€61.24 *
Yarn for the Central Coil - Serving #4
The yarn of Brownell for the central coil is supposably the most popular of its kind. It is available in the following colours: black, red, green, blu, yellow and brown
€6.50 *
Brownell Dacron B50-Coil with 1/4 lb Different...
This yarn for cords is rolled on the small coil 1/4. Since 1944 it is produced by Brownell. Permanent processes of improvement since this year have reduced the degeneration of the article to a minimum and its longevity reaches an...
€19.45 *