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LARP - Cushion Safety Head - 2nd quality!
This safety cushion head is 2nd quality, the cushion head for live active role-playing games. This cushion head is equipped with an absorber that is able to absorb various shaft diameters. Mounting by UHU Endfest 300 ensures a secure...
€3.59 *
Sicherer Larppfeil
LARP - Arrow of carbon with natural feathers
LARP – arrow with cushion head is made in our own factory in Seßlach, pure handmade, excellent quality
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From €10.39 *
LARP Armbrustbolzen
LARP crossbow bolt with safety cushion head
This is the LARP crossbow bolt for the crossbow shooters.
From €8.10 *
Carbon Larppfeil Bausatz
Assembly Set for LARP Arrows With Shaft Carbon
You want to build your own LARP arrow and use a modern material like carbon. Then this kit is just right.
From €8.53 *
Replacement nock for larp carbon arrow
replacement nock for LARP carbon arrows
Diese Nocke dient als Ersatz Nocke für unsere Larp Carbonpfeile. Einfach die alte von Carbon Pfeilschaft entfernen und die neue drauf.
From €0.58 *
schöner Larppfeil
LARP - Arrow Night Flame, 3 x unicoloured feathers
Our wooden LARP arrow Night Flame flies fantastic, because we know how to build an arrow.
From €10.14 *
LARPPfeil Lightning
LARP - Arrow Lightning
Another LARP arrow that flies really excellent. These great flight characteristics are almost unique.
From €9.88 *
Larppfeil mit Sicherheitspolsterkopf
LARP - Arrow Carbon with Fletches
This LARP arrow has excellent flight characteristics that are almost unique.
From €10.19 *
LARP - Polsterkopf
LARP - Safety Cushion Head
The safety cushion head for live role-playing game. This cushion head is equipped with an absorber, that is able to absorb various shaft diameters. Mounting by UHU Endfest 300 ensures a secure connection. A product by Beier Distribution...
From €4.37 *
Conjunto de montaje para Flechas-LARP
Assembly Set for LARP-Arrows with wooden shafts
You want to build your own authentic LARP-Arrow - this is the right assembly set.
From €7.49 *
authentischer Larp Bogen
Rattan Bow LARP Marksman 50 Inches
An authenic bow made of rattan, is always an individual because it is made of pure handcraft. This bow is the right one for LARP archers. Our bow manufacture creates this bow with high quality awareness – only the best for our customers.
€69.00 *