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Wuchtige Wurfaxt Templar
Templar Throwing Axe
Similar to the historical Throwing Axe Hurlbat, the Throwing Axe Templar was designed by custom blade forger Dave Baker. Made of solid carbon steel and of course great throwing properties.
€29.99 *
Scharfkantige Wurfaxt Trench Hawk, schwarz
Throwing Axe Trench Hawk Black
A sharp cutting edge as well as wedge-shaped tip, this is the Trench Hawk Throwing Ax by Cold Steels. Made of 1055 carbon steel and a handle made of polypropylene extremely impact resistant.
€64.90 *
Unschlagbares Lightning Bolt 3er Wurfmesser-Set mit Scheide, Schwarz
Lightning Bolt 3-part Throwing Knife-Set
Limbs-Set incl. 3 Lightning Bolt throwing knives and a nylon scabbard in which the throwing knives can be stored. The blades are double-edged and made of one piece of stainless steel.
€31.95 *
Pro Balance Thrower-Wurfmesser
Pro Balance Thrower-Throwing Knife
The Pro Balance Thrower-Throwing Knife provides impressive moments thanks to its light weight and 1055 carbon steel.
€35.90 *
Preiswertes Black Ronin 3er Wurfmesser-Set inkl. Nylonscheide
Black Ronin 3-part Throwing Knife-Set
Inexpensive as well as high-quality Throwing Knife-Set. The three Black Ronin Throwing Knives are made of stainless steel and are delivered with a nylon sleeve with belt loop.
€17.95 *