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Hungarian Bow 40 Inch Kids horseman bow

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Hungarian Bow 40 Inch Kids As the name of this bow is suspected, it is about a Nomad Kids... more
Product information "Hungarian Bow 40 Inch Kids horseman bow"

Hungarian Bow 40 Inch Kids

As the name of this bow is suspected, it is about a Nomad Kids Bow, whose roots are from the people of Hungary and further east.This bow with a length of 40 inch is made of pure handcraft by our horsebow manufacturer.

Shooting with this Horsebow has a long tradition and this tradition of the bow is maintained. These Nomad Horsebows are fully covered with leather and are hallmarked with beautiful ornaments, the pictures are examples and can differ. All bows have hallmarking in the Old Hungarian script, which dates back to 1000 v. Chr. Everyone who has such a bow, has a piece of history.

Today, these are also made of a combination of fiberglass and hard woods, such as oak or beech, as well as vegan tanned leather. The leather has an antique design, colored with environmentally friendly water-based materials.

With such Horsebows, the Nomad horsemen have penetrated the metal armor of the knights.

The Nomad Bow with 40 inches in length is a unique and is only available with the drawing weight of 15 lbs and 20 lbs@24 inches – short bows are typical for Nomad horsebows . Standing height: 5 3/4 to 6 1/2 inches.

This bow is constructed symmetrical like its historical ancestors, it can be shot by both right and left-handed.

Enjoy with your children a piece of history, the history of nomadic people.

Maximum drawlenght: 25 inch

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