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English Longbow "Yeoman"

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A traditional English longbow. This longbow is an absolute purist and conceived for the robust... more
Product information "English Longbow "Yeoman""
A traditional English longbow. This longbow is an absolute purist and conceived for the robust fields of application, as for LARP for example. As its construction corresponds to old English models, its appearance on medieval markets is very appreciated. It consists of several coats of ash and hickory that are glued together. A combination of vertical and horizontal growth rings gives the bow both an elevated shooting power and an excellent stability. It is equipped with a hand made Flemish splice string. Its surface is protected by a natural hard oil which makes it sturdy and water repellent. At any rate we recommend you, starting from a draw weight of 40 lbs, to order additionally a back made of bamboo (art.nr. 1535). Thus your bow will become more resistent and quicker. Length of the bow: 72 inches Wood of the bow: ash and hickory Draw weight of the bow: 20 - 65 lbs, +- 2 lbs Maximum draw lenght: 31 Inch String: Dacron Brace height: 7 to 7 3/4 inches As an extra gift you receive a stringer that will help you to string and unstring this bow in a professional way. Thus you can enjoy your bow for a long time. Made in Germany, by Beier
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