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Hunting Recurve Varos

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Draw Weight:

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Hunting Recurve Varos Our Hunting Recurve Varos presents an extravagant... more
Product information "Hunting Recurve Varos"

Hunting Recurve Varos

Our Hunting Recurve Varos presents an extravagant Hunting Recurve of the exclusive class. Varos not only convinces with great shooting performances, but also by the excellent material selection, which makes it unique. Its middle part is made of black eucalyptus with finely chiselled grain and in addition wood of olive is used. Hunting Recurve Varos with a 62-inch bow length, shoots the arrows at a tearing pace towards to the target and can be drawn really soft.

The core laminate of the extravagant Hunting Recurve is made of bamboo, which gives the arrows high speeds and ensures a soft pulling behavior. For the top laminate, we chose a pacific pepper yew with striking grain. Extravagance - The name is Varos! Your friends will envy you for this fantastic bow.

This extravagant Hunting Recurve Varso is suitable for Fast Flight and is delivered with a Whisper String.

Technical Data – Hunter Recurve Varos

  • Bow length: 62 inch

  • Middle part: black eucalyptus with wood of olive

  • Frontoverlay made of lumbers

  • Grip: pistol grip

  • Limbs core laminate: bamboo

  • Top laminate: pacific pepper yew

  • Version: right or left handers

  • Draw weight: 20 - 60 lbs

  • Standing height: 7.5 - 8 inch

  • Maximum drawlenght: 34 inch

  • String: suitable for Fast Flight– is delivered with Whisper String

The extravagant Hunting Recurve Varos is finished in form and material selection. This top-of-the-range model is produced in precious craftsmanship in the manufactory by Archery Beier BY BEIER GERMANY based in Seßlach.

Traditional Hunting Recurve Varos belongs to the series „Bows for Generation“ with 30 years warranty + 70 years goodwill, there is no other bow manufacturer who guarantees this.

>> more information about 30-years-warranty + 70 years goodwill of our bows by Beier you find here>>

We produce our bows without exception at our location in Seßlach - Made in Germany is an important concern for us! Thought-proof materials and quality-conscious processes combined with craftsmanship are our guaranties for extraordinary bows.

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