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Traditioneller englischer Langbogen
English Longbow Yeoman
Ash, hickory and a bamboo back are the woods of this traditional English longbow. He is good for s LARP and authentic with his Flemish splice tendon. A high shooting power speaks for this bow, there is also a tension cord.
€468.00 *
originalgetreue englische Langbogen3
English Longbow Robin Hood
For free you will get a tension cord to this bow, which is delivered with a Flemish splice tendon. Robin Hood by By Beier Germany - Made in Germany would certainly have taken this faithful English longbow.
€498.00 *
Optionaler Bambusrücken - Englischen Langbogen 3
Back for "Yeoman" Made of Bamboo (optional)
Wer einen schnellen Langbogen haben möchte, sollte einen Bambusrücken dazu zunehmen. Der Bogen wird im Vergleich der Zuggewichte immer gewinnen, denn der Pfeil fliegt schneller von dem Englischen Langbogen.
€50.96 *