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Aparter Langbogen Pike 1
Longbow Pike
Pike is an apart longbow with sophisticated ergonomics. A longbow with a exceptionally gifted selection of materials, longbow Pike has a great look – really unique!
€890.00 *
Königlicher Langbogen Ebony 1
Longbow Ebony
This longbow Ebony. This incredible power, this uncompromising throwing performance with smooth ergonomics & this royal material selection. A king under the longbows.
€1,180.00 *
Klassischer Langbogen Enok 5
Longbow Enok
The Enok is a classic longbow, with high shooting power. A classic longbow that belongs to an all-rounder. Its walnut centerpiece provides shot rest & stability.
€418.00 *
Langbogen Creek 4
Longbow Creek
Creek is an exception longbow with high shooting performance. One of the exception longbows that belongs to the great designed longbows, we promise if you see this bow you want to buy it!
€680.00 *
Leistungsstarker Langbogen Edge 6
Longbow Edge
Edge is a powerful Longbow with maximum shot capacity. A powerful longbow that is combined of exceptional materials.
€780.00 *
Einsteiger Langbogen Snap Shot
Longbow Snap Shot
Der Snap Shot nicht nur ein Einsteiger Langbogen, auch für den passionierten Turnierschützen aus den Bogenbau der Marke By Beier Germany. Die Wurfarme haben Bambus Kernlaminate Made in Germany.
€339.00 *
Reizvoller Langbogen Bamboo 1
Longbow Bamboo
This bow is created with a soft extract character by Beier Germany. The bow Bamboo provides an excellent arrow flight. Please always use a tender cord to mount or relax the bow.
€419.00 *