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Hybrid bow Aponi

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Draw Weight:

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Hybrid bow Aponi Aponi was the first hybrid bow made by archery Beier. What characterizes... more
Product information "Hybrid bow Aponi"

Hybrid bow Aponi

Aponi was the first hybrid bow made by archery Beier.

What characterizes such a hybrid longbow? It is a combination of recurve and longbow. Because of the small middle part of the longbow, there is a lightness of the longbow and based on the strong reflections of limbs the speed of the recurve bow . Such a hybrid bow shows even with a lower draw weight to high arrow speed and it inspired with its ergonomic pullout behavior.

Aponi with 35 lbs and an arrow weight of 285 grains reaches a remarkable arrow speed of 180 feet / sec.

Such a bow makes fun and of course Aponi is made in our own production by archery Beier - Made in Germany.

This bow is available with a length of 58 inch, left-and right-handed version.

The drawing weights start at 15 lbs and go in steps of 5 to 40 lbs.

Equipped is the Aponi with a complimentary pistol grip made of ash with perceptible early and late wood that is The limbs are strong deflex / reflex which ensures high arrow speeds. The core laminate is made from carbonized bamboo that is light and flexible and has great throwing properties.

Plane tree decorates the limbs under its clear glass laminate .

The tips are covered with walnut micarta, which makes the bow suitable for Fast Flight.

The recommended standing height is 7 - to 7 ½ inches.

Maximum drawing length: 30 inches.

We also recommend purchasing a tether cord to this particular bow , so as not to damage the Aponi during tensioning and relaxing.

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Customer evaluation for "Hybrid bow Aponi"
15 Nov 2016

Leistungsstark und schöne Haptik

Ein kleines Biest von einem Bogen. Liegt sehr leicht in der Hand und begeistert durch seine naturnahe Optik und die matte , leicht rauhe und einzigartige Oberfläche. Wirft unglaublich kurz, trocken und leise und ist für einen Fastflight-Bogen zu diesem Preis ein echter Schnapper. Seit 2 Jahren im Event Einsatz und alle, die ihn geschossen ahben waren begeistert. Aufgrund seiner kurzen Länge, Gewicht und des Griffstücks sehr gut geeignet für zielriche Damen. Kaufempfehlung!

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