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Custom Jagdrecurve Tyr 1
Hunting Custombow Tyr
Ultra fast and custom custom hunting recurve.
€1,490.00 *
Custom Langbogen Baldur 1
Custom Longbow Baldur
This Custom Longbow Baldur is the royal class of the Custom Bows. Thanks to the individual designs, this bow becomes a real eye-catcher at every competition.
€1,390.00 *
TD Recurve Custombogen Odin 1
TD Recurve Custombow Odin
TD Recurve Custombow Odin is the big brother of Loki and a Custombow with excellent shooting performances. This bow is created individually for you.
€1,650.00 *
TD Recurve Custombogen Yellowstone 7
TD Recurve Custombow Yellowstone
The limited TD Recurve Custom Bow Yellowstone, is a very special bow.
€1,780.00 *
TD Recurve Custombogen Thor 1
TD Recurve Custom Bow Thor Vikingbow
The royal class of the Custom Bows. TD Recurve Custom Bow Thor is a fantastic bow that looks for one´peers. In addition to their special shooting properties, this bow is an eye-catcher at every competition thanks to its spectacular design.
€1,590.00 *