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Haken für Pfeilfangnetz
Hooks for backstop netting
The hooks for our backstop netting or shot mats are required to protect e. g. targets at archery.
€0.38 *
Stabiles Stahldrahtseil
Galvanized Steel Wire Rope
Our Galvanized Steel Wire Rope to tensioning / hanging backstop net or shot mats, both in indoor as well as in outdoors areas. Of course it is covered with plastic and is thus well protected against the weather.
€2.09 *
Wire Tensioning Rope
Is used to form loops of wire tensioning rope to hang backstop nets or shot mats to make the archery safer.
€0.48 *
Spannset für Pfeilfangnetze
Tensioning / clamping set for backstop netting
The indispensable tensioning set for backstop netting for hanging
€4.90 *
Spannschloss M8 verzinkt Haken/Haken
Turnbuckle M8, galvanized
Turnbuckle for tensioning the wire rope for backstop nets or shooting mats.
€4.20 *